Mobile App Serves The Elite Wanting VIP Nightclub Access

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He started functioning for nightclubs at 15, organizing personal parties, racing up and down Washington and Collins on his skateboard posting flyers.


Michael Capponi, a real estate developer known for revitalizing the South Becah club scene, has teamed up with software executive Gideon Kimbrall to create a VIP concierge service app for nightclubs around the world. InList will allow members to arrange ahead for tables, reservations and bottle service at some of the most exclusive clubs worldwide.

InList provides services based on its members locations and the best, most exclusive nightclubs in the area. The app touts exclusivity with both its membership and the clubs it features. While membership is free, Capponi and Kimbrall are working with club owners to understand who the true club VIP visitors are.

For elite travelers looking for the true VIP nightclub experience InList has the potential to be an incredibly useful and convenient app. The rest of us will just have to continue waiting in line in hopes of gaining access to these hot night spots.